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Twigs & Rags: Basket & Quilt Show This Weekend!

April 8, 2022

Friday April 8th - Thru - Sunday April 10th @ Stables Gallery, 133 Paseo del Pueblo Norte, Taos

Once upon a time, “Basket Bob” was an electrician from the Northeast. But when he became one of the few white people to ever be welcomed to live on the Taos Pueblo, his life took a storied turn. From the Elders, he learned to raise horses, work the land, grow corn…and weave strands of the Red Willow into masterful baskets!

Art like this goes all the way back to the 1970’s here in Taos, because art like this is what Taos was back then: A Place where a good name was worth more than any piece of paper. Bob remembers this fondly, because he and his wife raised their family weaving these striking baskets at home, and selling them here in town.  

Joining Bob this weekend are three artists whose work has been similarly regarded as ahead of their time: 

Felicia “Fish” Trujillo, creator of Sown Threads Clothing, who says she has been blessed to specialize in Authentic, Antique Womens Clothing.

Melissa Larson, creator of “Wholly Rags,” uses recycled textiles & scrap materials to make fabulous quilts and other creations. Her work brings attention to reducing waste through design.

Violette Alby will be showing her “Flash The Colors” collection of quilts, pillowcases, flyers, sketches, and prints. As founder of the “Earth Mothers Of Invention,” Ms Alby feels that colors can heal, energy comes from the cloth, and that no fabric should be thrown away.