Yenny Cocq

Yenny is an internationally recognized artist showing in galleries in the US and Europe. She has owned an exhibit space in Copenhagen, Denmark, which functioned also as a collaborative salon and interaction space and was frequented by Danish and international artists. She now lives and works in a studio in Tesuque, New Mexico.

She has refined the human form to basic and almost geometric forms using the human form to portray an emotional idea or story and is giving life to her subjects by capturing their innermost emotions. The romantic couples display an emergent emotional expression. With simple lines and planes, Yenny works to capture the essence of their gestures. The couples are separate individuals but bound in nonverbal communication. Minute nuances in shift of posture or angle of the head convey a different expression. Viewers merger their experiences, perceptions and passions reflected in the sculptures with their own. This provokes something unique with each viewer. Some may be prompted to "playing dolls" with the individual figures to change their intended communication and make their expression their own thus changing the "story" by making them a part of their own relationships.

"I am a total romantic I chose to create figurative bronze sculpture to convey romantic longings, love, and emotions through my couples sculptures. My collectors are loving, happy people who share my work with their loved ones. My little people become a centerpiece in the collector's home. I can't imagine a more fulfilling art career than being a part of your life."

There are 14 different figures available in the Build your Family collection. Select individual family members to match your unique household (pets, too)! Just like Yenny’s Signature Collection and One-of-a-Kind pieces, these high-quality bronze sculptures are meant to last a lifetime. Start building your very own family of figures today; Begin with a parent, then select children by size and gender, pets, and a stone base. If you are adding figures to your bronze family, you may also purchase individually. Sizes are indicated in each product listing.

All of Yenny Cocq's bronze figures are small lost wax cast sculptures. They are created to express emotions and values (especially love) through minimal sculptural body language. In the Build Your Family series, the sculptures, in various combinations, speak of connections. It took years for Yenny to refine each figure and to make each of them work well with the others.


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