Suzanne Betz

"My paintings have always hovered between figuration and abstraction, sometimes leaning more one way or the other. I work spontaneously from my subconscious, watching images develop that are playful and enigmatic; figures that appear and disappear beneath veils of color. The act of painting for me, is spiritual and physical joy, reflecting my own personal journey.

All of my work is about what happens when we move outside the structure and the known. Images shift, change, obscure and reveal the surprise, humor, mystery and celebration of life.

The horse has been my chosen animal from an early age and always galloping instead of running. I was a horse until the age of 11 when I was enrolled at an English riding academy. All my life I have ridden other people's horses and got my first horse only after moving to Taos. My retired pony and I had to learn the ways of the West together. We had 15 years together of exploring the wilderness of northern New Mexico.

My childhood was full of drawing and painting horses. Once in college, abstract expressionism took over and remained for many years. After recovering from breast cancer in 1989, the first painting I did was a horse and I still have that painting.

I pursue any subject that interests me and return eventually to the calmness and fortitude of my horses."



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