Louise Sackett

At five years of age, at her grandmother’s oil cloth covered table, Louise received the most important lesson of her artistic life. When asked how to paint birds, her grandmother replied to “feel it with your eyes”. Then paint the feeling.

Louise was always an adept art student, so much so, that she won a scholarship to Worcester Art Museum school, and studied there for a short time.

Marrying early, she devoted herself to raising her two daughters and taking watercolor classes at a local Iowa school.

She resumed taking formal classes at San Diego colleges, gaining her AA, BA and MSIT, always painting and showing, often studying in the area with as many artists as she could.

She worked at defense industries for over 25 years, first as a board artist, then later as Art Director, training flight crew for the Navy on the S3-B, and later on the SH-60 helicopter.

Louise teaches a plein air class in the fall, and a pastel class in the winter, in Silver City, NM. She has been asked to teach for a second time at the Escalante Plein Air Competition Escalante, Utah. She is also a signature member of International Plein Air Painters.

Ever mindful of that first art lesson at her grandmother’s dining room table, Louise believes that true art involves the eye, brain and soul. It is always her intent to meld those qualities in her work, and tends to flare up when pushing color in a work.



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