Lane Dukart

From within a solar powered studio, nestled among tall pines and massive granite formations in a tranquil valley of the Colorado Rockies, artist, Lane Dukart draws his inspiration from the natural beauty that surrounds him.  The delicate tones and timbres of bells are among Lane's earliest and fondest memories. It was during a stay in a monastery, however that his natural affinity towards bells became deeper . . . He realized then that the ringing of  bells can draw an individual into the space and sanctity of the present moment, becoming a catalyst to a clearer awareness of oneself and ones surroundings.

Lane has lived in Colorado since birth, received his BA degree in Fine Art from Colorado State University. Utilizing a stoneware clay body, each piece is individually created and hand carved with original designs, reflecting the environment and culture of the Rocky Mountains and the Southwest. Lane applies only natural oxides to accentuate the clays' inherent earthy tones and textures. The durable stoneware clay is then fired to over 2000° F., making it impervious to the elements of nature, and assembled using copper wire.

Lane creates each bell “with the grace found in doing common things exceptionally well”. This simple, yet effective philosophy rings equally true in his creation of unique planters, wall sconces and architectural tiles. His work can be found in art galleries, home and garden centers throughout the country.


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