Kara Young

For as long as I can remember, I have been drawn to earth based cultures, which have a living relationship with all things of the earth and the heavens. For me, their understanding of life and death - that everything is alive; has meaning, a place, a purpose and a time - is essential to reclaim. It is through this reclaiming that I learn to do my part in healing this beautiful, living planet I call home.

The idea that for thousands of years humans have used nature's materials to create objects of art, investing them with sacred meaning, fills my heart and touches my soul.

The beauty of aging has also fascinated me, especially in the places we so often overlook: the cracks in old walls and side walks, pieces of rusted metals in the streets and rail yards, or decomposing leaves and vegetation in the wilds.

These are the primary influences upon my work. They inspire me, drive me, and feed me.

My creative process is my soul expressing itself and striving to connect with other souls, past and present, in our vast universe. I feel my work is a portal to " Dreaming Our Ancestors " - connecting me to all life and to the depth of our natural world. My belief is that once we, as a people, can connect with our human roots and build a bridge with those who have come before us, we will learn that we don't live in some isolated, " high tech " period of time outside of history. But that instead, we are linked to every human being that has been before us and every human being that will come after us. Then, maybe, we too can learn to take better care of our planet and all its inhabitants as those that have inhabited and coexisted on the earth for eons. My hope is that my work will serve as a touchstone for those who view it, so that they too may " Dream Our Ancestors " keep their deep spirits and passions alive.


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