Judy Corlett

Judy grew up in Idaho and Montana. She received a scholarship to the Minneapolis School of Art in the 1960's. Her work was included in exhibitions at Walker Art Center and the Minnapolis Instutute of Art. In 1970 she moved to New York and began to show assembled jewelry as well as works on paper and painting. In 1977 she was given an exhibition of jewelry at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This show of thirty found object and collage necklaces launched her career as the maker of one-of-a-kind, wearable art pieces. Her work has been shown for more than forty years. She lives in New Mexico.

The jewelry I make is assembled, constructed. The elements are harmonious, or at times, dissonant. Working with an array of materials is a joy for me and searching for the beads and found objects I use in the necklaces is a true occupation. These elements appear from every corner and come together in ways that are a delight to me as the builder of these ornaments. The jewelry is put together much as a collage is developed- assorted scraps and unexpected treasures are welded and woven into something startling and the materials are given a new life. Many times I select beads and then I wait. These materials are wonderful on their own but must find partners and conference before they can become something wearable. the sources for the elements are varied and surprising. The finished jewelry, in order to be successful, must display this delight in the assemblage and the hunt for just the right components.

"Threshold Guardians" are Nez Perce inspired "ropes" traditionally hung in doorways and windows meant to keep the dwelling place free from turmoil and stress.

Baskets range in price: Small-$30-$40, Med-$40-$56, Large- $60-$80





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