Jean & Tom Heffernan

Our work is about color, light, and you.

Mirrors have been virtually ignored as a medium for artists. Yet for us, it is perfect. Trained as a photographer and a psychologist, respectively, we have been taught to observe people and to understand and capture their moods, experiences and circumstances. For many years, we have reflected back to the observed what we have seen and interpreted. People have always been vital to our work.

Moreover, we like people. And we like them raw, exactly as they are - unfiltered, untouched. People just like you. To celebrate you, your individual qualities and moods, we have put you at the heart of our work - literally. Look directly at it; no better portrait could ever be done.

Still, the mirror is an important part of the composition. Viewing the piece from different angles produces an entirely new arrangement, as other colors and shapes are captured. It is ever fluid. No different than mobiles, except that we are not dependent upon the wind; you need only turn your head to change everything. Our work is more than a mirror simply encased in a frame.

Color and light are equally important elements of our work. Light is energy. Mirrors reflect that energy into all aspects of a room, enhancing everything and everyone. Precisely for this reason, mirrors are referred to as the aspirin of feng shui.

Color, a facet of light, has the extraordinary ability to affect your moods, your actions and how you respond to people, things and ideas. Copper is the material we use to make this happen. Often, we weave it, to provide texture and contrast. Always, we meticulously treat it with heat and chemicals to produce pieces that are stunningly colorful. All the same, color preferences are highly personal and may be related to subconscious or spiritual needs and wants. Given that it is made for you, pieces may be commissioned in highly individualized color schemes ranging from bold and dynamic to warm and subdued. Size and budget issues are also readily accommodated. For you are at the heart of our work.


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