Diane Hanson

Growing up in the South, I learned the love of textiles from my mother and grandmothers and today have set my fiber practice squarely on contemporary interpretation and execution. Early in my career, I worked in a two-dimensional mode applying various regional techniques, including quilting. My finished works were hand-quilted, hand-dyed and abstracted and did not resemble my family's traditional quilts.

I am currently focusing on a study of three-dimensional work incorporating silk, linen and wool collected over a lifetime, as well as textiles that have come to me as gifts from friends. I continue my study of color and lack of color, image and lack of image ... as well as the relationships of forms and shapes within a given field, be it two- or three-dimensional. Overtones of my university study of sociology and political science sometimes find their way into my work suggesting community and diversity. Spiritual meaningfulness, as I experience it, as well as the reflection of my own interior life can, on occasion, flash through the materials.

SCARVES - range in price:

Small - $75-$95

Square - $110

Mediem - $150

Large - $225




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