David Bowman

"I have worked in metal since 1971. In the early 1980's I developed my own idiosyncratic method of fabricating vases from heavy sheet brass. After a few years of building polished brass vases I began learning about sculptural patinas. I have spent the years since then experimenting with many patina recipes and combining them for different effects. Since discovering their potential, I have worked with patinas almost exclusively as the surface treatment for my work.

In 1990 I worked out a technique that allowed me to build wall pieces composed from many parts to juxtapose many patinas next to one another. In the years since then, my son Reed has worked with me and together we have refined the process considerably.

Reed and I have been exploring the technique of fold-forming for the past decade. We started with designs for a whole range of jewelry, then he developed a beautiful fold-formed vase. I have begun using the fold-forming process to make what I call "sketch pieces" as small wall art and now as vases as well. I call them sketched because they remind me of sketching abstract designs on paper: starting with some bold strokes and then working in more details and color until I finally have a finished piece.

My sense of form and composition comes from long and close study of natural forms, architecture from all periods, and the work of other contemporary and ancient artisans.

My work with wall pieces particularly reflects my interest in achieving balance in asymmetrical forms. I enjoy the challenge of working with our simple tools and limited palette of patinas and surface textures."




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