Annoel Krider

I spent well over three decades as a tapestry weaver always loving and relating to the textural art form. Although I continued to weave I began a process of stick and paper sculptural forms that I often combined with the weavings. These stick sculptures soon became my desired form of creating as my tapestry weaving slowly drifted into the past. 

Although one day, as I was paging through the myriad drawing books that represented the sketches for my weavings I realized I loved the free, loose character of the drawings that I could not achieve in the woven form… so this is when my life turned to painting using acrylics as my choose medium.

I initially painted from my weaving sketches but then I realized that I was missing the textural element that I’ve always had a passion for so I began applying a variety of textural papers and fabrics onto the canvases. Sometimes prior to painting. Sometimes after painting. Along with the papers I began incorporating some of the elements that I used when creating the stick sculptures. Beads, wire, sticks and yarn. 

With the combination of all my loved art forms I finally arrived at a place in my career when I felt I was able to achieve just the right essence of my internal artist voice. 


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