Andra Vette

Nature and my family's heritage are my artistic inspiration. My passion is to explore and refine methods to express my vision for the artwork I create in clay. I approach my creative process with excitement, energy, and persistence. Each piece I create is a labor of love... a piece of my heart. Sometimes, the smallest, most inconspicuous object (a seed pod, a shell, rocks) will stimulate my imagination. I discover objects and techniques that inspire me to explore them artistically. I research new methods, as well as images and designs and their meaning.

I utilize techniques and designs from my and my husband's cultures - Latvian and Native American. Many of my pieces have spiritual connections, many have a story whether from the process or the imagery. I incorporate Native American or Latvian symbols and designs, often with semi-precious stones. All of my work is hand built. I specialize in black pottery and Obvara firing. In addition, I have accepted commissions to create horse hair pottery, pots with goose feathers, and memorial pots with dog hair.

"She is truly an artist who puts a lot of intention into all of her pieces. Functional and beautiful items.” - C. Ritter


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