Amy Meya

The most important part of my work is the medium. I feel passionate about the clay itself; there is something about taking a lump of mud and forming it into an object that fills a primal urge for me. The intimate and personal nature of ceramics stands out against other mediums… for me, anyway. The next step is process: I roll out a large slab of clay and cut free hand the desired shape and mold it over a bowl form mold to dry until it is leather hard. Once it is hard enough to remove, each piece is carved one at a time, making each piece a one of a kind.

Clay as the medium form the earth lends itself perfectly to depictions of nature. Our family loves to camp and hike; there is nothing more peaceful for me than being in the woods. Even in the city, I love staring at the shapes of tree branches or watching flocks of birds swoop across the sky. I collect interesting seedpods, and grow gourds and sunflowers in my garden. I seem to take all the natural forms that I find interesting and express them through my clay work. Even deeper though, I hope that a message of appreciation and conservation of nature comes across in my work. If we decimate all the wild areas then we will have no place to retreat to find peace.

These flower wall hangings come in 4 sizes/prices:

Sml- $110

Med - $230

Med Lg. - $375

Lg - $475

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