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Charlie Hunt

Charlie Hunt inherited his family's heritage of working and living with the American Sioux Indians.


Born in South Dakota on the Pine Ridge reservation, Charlie was later adopted by the Sioux. It is Charlie's personal joy to express his Native American background through his artistic gifts. His creations include paintings, hand designed belts, hatbands, wristbands and handbags.


Charlie has made Indian props and consulted on background authenticity on several films ad TV productions including: "Dances With Wolves", "Last of the Dogmen", "Starship Troopers", "Son of the Morning Star", "Young Indiana Jones", "Captured Hearts, Stolen Women",  and the TNT movie "Crazy Horse".


Charlie's reputation has earned him a growing group of collectors, including Neil Young, Reba McIntire, Garth Brooks, Glenn Close, President and Mrs. Clinton as well as many Senators and Congressmen.


Says Charlie: "I thank God, 'The Great Spirit', for my talent as an artist and the opportunities given to me in this life. I thank you, also for your appreciation of my work."




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