Pamela Chappell

I live outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico. I have been beading for over 30 years. I was inspired when I attended a Taos Pueblo Pow Wow and fell in love with the clothing. I am not Native American, though I love the beadwork so much that I taught myself loom work and made medicine bags that I sold to pueblo stores at Taos, San Ildefonso and Picuris Pueblo.

I worked for clothing designers for ten years. I worked for Gossamer Wings, Bradley Studios both here in Santa Fe, New Mexico, which created couturier clothing in leather, lace and fabric. I worked for Michelle’s of Jackson, Wyoming, a high fashion designer for western wear. I worked for other clothing designers, working on jeans, leather clothing, belts and accessories.

Working with the beading techniques of appliqué, lazy stitch, rosette, beaded fringe, and loom work. These techniques were worked onto leather, lace, jeans and various materials of cloth. Each clothing piece used a certain technique of beadwork, often more than one technique. I worked for belt makers for three years, making the beaded pieces that were then applied to leather belts as well as creating belt buckles and women’s purses.

For six years, I sold at the Santa Fe Artist Market. For several years I sold at the Tesuque Flea Market. I have sold to various stores in New Mexico, California, Colorado, New York, Boston, and Paris, France. My work has been sold at various Native American Pow Wows across the country.

At this point, I work for myself, and have created lines of bracelets, barrettes, hat bands, belt buckles, medicine bags, and one of a kind pouches. I love to work with the spectrums of colors, creating geometric, floral, animal and bird designs.  I find inspiration walking in nature. I have a great passion for the artwork that I do and love creating new designs, new color combinations and manifesting beauty.