Deb Culig

After a 40 year career in design and advertising,  Deb Larsen Culig moved her never-ending need to create from Denver, to her mountain ranch near the Winter Park Ski Resort.  A fiber artist, she custom designs and hand felts 100% alpaca western hats.

She’s often asked what is the difference between alpaca and traditional beaver or rabbit fur felt hats…and probably the most important difference is that no animal is farmed for the final product. PacaHat’s fleece acquisition methods are totally sustainable and animal-friendly. The fleece is harvested in an annual shearing; much like you getting a hair cut.

She points out that most other hatters are merely “decorators”; all hatters order their hat materials from the same manufactures and then just form that material into the desired hat shape. Material to make a PacaHat is not a manufactured product, it too is completely handmade.

A true lover of the artistic process, she supports other creatives by featuring their works on her hats.  You’ll see unique, handmade pieces from artists who provide her with custom designed leather work, feathers, forged pieces and wire wrappings. She adds vintage jewelry, rare earth metals and precious stones to the hatbands featured in the Taos Blue, never-two-the-same gallery collection .

All of the fiber used in a PacaHat comes from her herd at the 150 acre Silver Spur Ranch in Tabernash, Colorado.

EVERY. SINGLE. HAT. is a custom-created, hand made work of art.